The All New Luxury Metris and Sprinter by Explorer;

"Mercedes Benz started it,Explorer finished it"

Why buy from an AUTHORIZED Mercedes Benz dealer? For peace of mind

 Only Explorer - Authorized Mercedes Benz dealers provide FULL warranty on your Explorer conversion.

 The warranty clock doesn't start until your purchase is complete from an Authorized Mercedes Benz dealer... not before.

 Only Explorer-Authorized Mercedes Benz dealers provide WARRANTY work should you experience any issues.

 Only Authorized Mercedes Benz dealers qualify you for a loaner while work is being completed.

Authorized Mercedes Benz dealers won't turn you away from warranty service.

 In the unlikely event of a major issue with your Explorer Metris, only Authorized Mercedes Benz dealers make you eligible for arbitration through Mercedes Benz USA.

About Us

Mercedes Van Conversions is a online listing of dealers inventory of custom luxury Sprinter and Metris Mercedes conversions. With a great selection of new conversion vans always available. We have a custom conversion van that is perfect for you and your family. From luxury high top vans to mobility vans with wheel chair lifts. Full size extended Sprinter vans or the midsize Metris all waiting to be delivered to you at everyday low internet prices... We specialize in new customized Sprinter and Metris Explorer Conversion Vans at the very best price. Here at Mercedes Van Conversion we pride ourselves on providing the best vans money can buy from an Authorized Mercedes Benz dealer you can trust. Build and price a Metris or Sprinter online in the build a van section. Drop us a line and we will send you an invoice with a cost quote